Articles and resources

Selected articles and info I have used

There are literally thousands (millions?) of pages of information that an amateur astronomer could find that would help with the hobby. The websites I have listed here are the main ones that I have used. I have also included pointers for the tools I've used both for astronomy and to produce this website.

Magazines and News

Universe Today

News articles about astronomy and space, includes What's up this week column of interesting astronomical targets

Sky Tonight

The website for Sky and Telescope magazine, has a good sky viewing java application

The website of Astronomy magazine, includes articles from the paper magazine and some online-only content

SkyNews magazine

Webite for this Canadian publication, includes howtos and beginners sections

(there are some UK astronomy publications. These tend to focus on spaceflight and cosmology, rather than amateurs using their telescopes to look at things.)

Equipment reviews

Cloudy Nights

User provided reviews. Mainly american equipment, although quite a lot is available in the UK - or can be imported


Started as a buy/sell site (see below) includes user written reviews and articles

The Weatherman

Telescope and binocular reviews

Where to buy (new)

Telescope House

Probably the largest supplier in the UK

Orion Optics

Primarily telescopes and some accessories. Includes ranges of british built 'scopes

D. Hinds

UK importer of Celestron equipment

Starlight Xpress

Specialised astronomical cameras, available through distributors

Ina King Imaging

High-end telescopes and imaging equipment

Where to buy (used)


A lot of low-end commercial stuff, some good personal sales

Astro Buy Sell

Genuine personal sales and some "wants", all price ranges

UK Astro Ads

Similar to the above, but broken into sections. A lot of sales get posted to both

Techniques and Howto-s

AstroPhoto Insight magazine

Paid-for PDF magazine on imaging, every 2 months

Digital Image Processsing

Astronomical image processing techniques

Digital SLR Notes

Processing DSLR astronomy photos


Astro Art

Image processing and telescope control software

Skymap Pro

Star charting software

Home planetFree Sky map software with multiple simultaneous views
Stellarium Free planetarium software for Linux and Windows
(I have built a background of the sky at CdN, click this preview
Andalucia sky panorama
to download it)
KStarsFreeware Linux planetarium software
Deep Sky stacker

Freeware image stacking and simple processing