Andalucian Sky Calendar

Check what's visible from Cuevas del Negro

Andalucia Sky darkness for the month

new moon and full moon dates for Andalucia

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ISS and satellite passes over Cuevas del Negro tonight

How to read the Sky Darkness chart

There's one row for each day of the month. Starting at 12:00 noon, so that the chart is centred on midnight.
Clock midnight is shown by a light green vertical line and is labelled "00:00".
Each row shows daylight in yellow, twilight fading to dark and various shades of grey, depending on what the phase of the moon is that night. The closer the moon is to new, the darker the shade - reflecting the darker skies when less of the moon is shining.
The phase of the moon is shown on the right, the new moon is symbolised as a hollow circle and the full moon with a red background.
It appears that the sunset is late so that evenings are short. This isn't a mistake. Although Spain is further west than most of Europe, it still maintains Central European Time.

Major meteor showers visible in Southern Europe

QuadrantidsEarly January3 Jan
Lyridslate April22 Apr
Eta Aquaridsearly May6 May
Bootidslate June28 June
Perseidsmid-August12 Aug
Orionidsall October21 Oct
Leonidsmid-November17 Nov
Geminidsmid-December14 Dec
The new and full moon are shown on the calendar below. Remember that around a new moon, the moon sets in the evening sky and when it's near to full, it rises in the evening

moon phase calendar 2010 2011

Planets and Stars of interest

planet positions in night sky for andalucia, spain
Times here are local time: CET
1 Hour ahead of GMT/BST
Evening constellations
 Andromeda 22:48 14:13 
 Aquila 19:43 08:44 
 Cassiopeia visible all night 
 Corona Borealis 14:26 05:30 
 Cygnus 17:43 12:25 
 Draco 13:30 11:09 
 Lyra 16:28 09:31 
 Ophiuchus 18:18 04:50 
 Pegasus 22:36 12:17 
 Scorpius 20:08 03:46 
 Sagittarius 20:40 05:57 
Morning constellations
 Grus 01:53 07:09 
 Phoenix 03:35 10:06 
 Piscis Austrinus 00:55 09:45 

Reading the Planets chart

Planetary motion is clockwise.
The rise-time is shown by the coloured
circle and set-time is
the other end of the arc.

Sky maps for the next month in Andalucia.

The month is divided into three parts: early, middle and late. There are 2 maps
available for each part: an evening map showing the sky at around 10 p.m.
and a morning map showing the sky at 3 a.m.
The maps appear in a separate window (so you must enable popups for this site
to view them. There are no advertisements - I promise!

The current evening map and next month's and the following month
The current morning map and next month's and the following month