The observations page

Observations made at Cuevas del Negro, Andalucia

Here are a few of the images I've taken at CdN.
Most of these are much-reduced images from a DSLR camera, that I've shrunk to fit on the page

andromeda galaxy from Cuevas del NegroAndromeda Galaxy
California nebulaCalifornia Nebula
Double ClusterDouble Cluster
in Perseus
M101 galaxyM101 galaxy
M45 - PleiadesPleiades
M51 galaxyM51
M8 and M20 in SagitariusM8 (Lagoon Nebula) and M20 (Triffid Nebula) in Sagitarius
M81 frm Cuevas del NegroM81
M87 regionM87 region
Orions beltOrion's belt
including Horsehead Nebula and Flame Nebula
Orions swordM42 area